Marina Nacamuli is a photographer and filmmaker who specializes in 35mm and video. Her work spans from fine art, fashion and lifestyle. After several years living in Brooklyn, NY, she is back to São Paulo, and since then explores her city. 

Nacamuli photographs people, or rather, her peers. The work itself consists of self-portraits of a joint experience in which the artist could easily take the place of the “model”, and in fact she does, as she is exposing her intimacy, the situations she lives in, and the places she permeates. She is usually attracted to subjects that involve women, street and sub-cultures, with a sensitive approach to abandonment.

She acts as the 'flâneur', the errant, walker and observer, creating a relationship of reciprocity and sharing; only a sensible and keen eye can capture singular moments with such depth. 

In 2017, she released her first photobook, “Roose”, that can be found at the archive of Instituto Moreira Salles.

Special thanks: to all my beautiful subjects.


New Balance, Nike x Ambush, Hypebeast, ASICS, Kenner, Itaú, Becks, Guaraná Antartica, Gooseisland, Converse, Cartel 011, Nu Bank, Facebook, Authentic Feet, Diet Starts Monday, Rider, Rainha, Vans, ÖUS, ÃO, Pinga Store, D.O.D. Alfaiataria, Juliana Jabour, Mad No Mad, Cajá, ShiShu, Love Delivery, Erente


March 2024 | "Ervas Daninhas" @ Quadra Galeria, Rio de Janeiro, RJ

February 2024 | "Ervas Daninhas" @ Quadra Galeria, São Paulo, SP

July 2023 | "L.A. Nights" @ Stomping Ground, Los Angeles, CA

May 2023 | “We Never Sleep” @ Fucking Awesome Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

May 2023 | “Cães de Rua” @ S3T Gallery, São Paulo, SP

December 2021 | “Centralizadxs” @ Gruta CC, São Paulo, SP

November 2020 | SP-ARTE, Online Viewing Room

March 2020 | “Street Photography x Becks Beer” @ Major bars downtown, São Paulo, SP

November 2019 | “Naked City” @ Kaia Bar, São Paulo, SP

January 2019 | “Unknown People” @ Cartel 011, São Paulo, SP

March 2018 | "Muitas" @ Pico, São Paulo, SP

November 2017 | “DISnormal” @ 8ª Mostra Internacional, São Paulo, SP

October 2017 | “Em Construção” @ Valongo Festival Internacional da Imagem, Santos, SP

October 2017 | “Why Generation” Slide Show @ Valongo Festival Internacional da Imagem, Santos, SP

June 2016 | “Visite Decorado” @ Ocupação em Higienópolis, São Paulo, SP

March 2016 | “Ocupação In(LAR)” @ Instituto de Laringologia, São Paulo, SP

December 2015 | “Mostra Sinlogo 2015” @ Casa SINLOGO, São Paulo, SP

May 2015 | "Cotidiano Impar" @ New Creators & Verve Galleries, São Paulo, SP

October 2014 | Open Studios @ Red Studios, São Paulo, SP

January 2013 | “Simultânea” @ Casa da Xiclet, São Paulo, SP

April 2012 | “Sem Marchand II” @ Private Artist’s Studio, São Paulo, SP

July 2011 | Untitled @ Baboo Photo Gallery, New York, NY

May 2011 | “Wish You Were Here 10 “ @ A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


Book: "Roose", 2017 ©

Biblioteca Instituto Moreira Salles | São Paulo, SP
Biblioteca Plana | São Paulo, SP
Blank Paper | Madrid, SP
Havaianas Paper | São Paulo, SP

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